Swords and Sandals 1: Gladiator
Hear the crowd roar as you take on the arena champions in this epic adventure. Unleash the hero within and become the ultimate gladiator.

The Swords and Sandals Franchise Five

Only $15.00

Swords & Sandals III:Solo Ultratus
hurls you into the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet. Forget all you thought you knew about Swords & Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?


Swords&Sandals 4: Tavern Quests
The Swords &Sandals saga continues with S&SIV asup to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames, adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger and adventure!

Swords & Sandals: Crusader
is an epic mix of fast paced arcade combat and RPG strategy. Lay siege to castles in the pouring rain or send your cavalry against a horde of skeletons in the heat of the scorching desert. Put on your sandals again and become the finest crusader in the realm!

Swords&Sandals II: Emperor’s Reign
The sequel to the popular gladiator game is here. All new tournaments, ranged weapons, magic spells and powerful new champions to battle. Save up to ten gladiators and guide them to fame and fortune in the arena!

Swords and Sandals Sprint

Gladiator, are you ready to sprint? Then play eGames.com’s Swords and Sandals Champion Sprint! The game is quick and hard, like a real gladiator arena fight. Pick your gladiator, learn your weapons and watch your enemies fall.
In this turn-based gladiator RPG, there are three gladiators to choose from: Wolfgang of Shackleford, Sundra Tidewalter and Phaelon McMaster, each of them has different levels of Strength, Agility, Vitality, Skill and Stamina.

Then you have to figure out which is the best Swords and Sandals weapon between the close-in violence of the sword or the distant-but-deadly bow and arrow.


Swords and Sandals — A Five Game Gladiator RPG Franchise

Gladiator! May the luck of the Gods live in your blood!

Released from your chains in a dark cell and thrust into the arena you must fight for your life, fame and fortune.

If it is your destiny you will survive the brutal Coliseum and gain riches and glory beyond all your dreams. But you must fight like your life depends on it — because it does Gladiator!

The online gladiator game that started it all, Swords And Sandals, brings you into a story in five parts.  Train your gladiator and test him in battle against hordes of brutally brilliant fighters. As your gladiator competes in combats, duels and tournaments, you will be rewarded with gold coins and experience points.

You will need to train and arm your gladiator wisely, for soon you will be fighting the most challenging warrior-monsters in the world. Do you have the strength, stamina and intelligence, gladiator?

Swords and Sandals features:

  • Attack with hundreds of different weapons to slaughter and humiliate your enemy.
  • Learn wondrous magic spells and use fantastic potions that bring you into other realms
  • Enchant weapons and armor to grow in power
  • Many shops to buy cleverly-designed items to strengthen your gladiator
  • Tournaments featuring elite Arena Champions
  • Find powerful attacks that allow you to display the Battle Rage you earn throughout the game

Swords and Sandals is an epic gladiator game. Come battle your way to fame, fortune and glory upon the sands of the gladiator arena and earn the loyalty, respect and honor of your gladiator fans.

Buy the Swords and Sandals Franchise Five today for only $15 and you will receive a free Steam key for Swords and Sandals 2 Redux (a $6.99 value!)